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Fire protection system

Passive systems

Fire door

Fire doors are an effective means of passive protection, providing isolation or compartmentalization of different areas within a building

Puerta contrafuego

Collars and pads

Firestop pillows are designed to facilitate the installation and routing of cables. Firestop collars close in case of fire, cutting off the passage of flames

Almohadillas y collarines

Personal protective equipment

The material used in this type of product is inherently flame-resistant, offering the most advanced fire protection

Equipo de protección

Active systems

Detection systems

Ionic detectors, optical smoke detectors, temperature detectors, flame optical detectors, and special detectors for gases that detect the presence of carbon monoxide or explosive gases

servicios jl


With the installation of outdoor fire hydrants and dry risers, firefighters will have access to a water source in the firefighting efforts


Fire extinguishers

Portable and mobile fire extinguishers with chemical powder, for metals, water, foam, and carbon dioxide (CO2)


Fire detection systems

Fire extinguishers

Fire suppression system

Plumbing system

Firefighting systems

Passive safety systems

Signaling systems

Self-contained breathing apparatus

Leakage test

Comprehensive Fire Protection Installations (PCI)

We offer comprehensive solutions in Fire Protection (PCI). From design and installation to system maintenance, we are committed to ensuring maximum safety at all times

Maintenance of all systems

From periodic inspections to adjustments and updates, we strive to keep the systems at their peak performance, ensuring the continuous protection of lives and property

Design and Legalization Projects

We specialize in the design and execution of fire safety projects, ensuring compliance with all regulations and legal requirements

Fire detection and alarm system

Designed with the latest technology, these systems are the first line of defense in protecting lives and properties. They quickly detect any signs of danger, issuing accurate and effective alerts

Fire pump system

Our systems are meticulously designed and tailored to the specific needs of each space, ensuring a constant and efficient water supply in case of emergency

Fire suppression system

Designed with advanced technology and adapted to various situations, they provide a quick and effective response to any emergency. From automatic sprinkler systems to clean agents and foam systems

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